Fulton Labs located at 400 N. Aberdeen is a custom facility for both innovative research and design lab space infrastructure and business amenities in Chicago’s Fulton Market. The goal of Fulton Labs is to provide space to optimize discovery in the life and health sciences ecosystem it provides. The high-rise is 16 floors and has 423,460 sq. ft. of both office and lab space for rent. There is 34,000 sq. ft. of column-free floor plates and 15 ft. height from floor to floor. Throughout the lab space infrastructure, you will find robust mechanical and electrical systems and an overall registered certification goal of LEED Silver.

A building like Fulton Labs requires a fully-functioning, integrated fire alarm system to protect the facility and its tenants. Low Voltage Solutions is proud to have partnered with Shamrock Electric and Power Construction on installing a complete addressable Simplex Fire Alarm System, Jeron Area of Rescue System, and Category 6 network locations throughout the facility.

The Simplex Fire Alarm System designed with assistance from our partners at Simplex contains 197 speaker/strobe devices, 158 smoke/heat detectors, 68 tamper/flow connections, 3 duct detectors w/RTS control modules, 32 elevator relays, 6 fire department phones, and control panels. The system is controlled by the 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Unit which supports up to 3,000 points, voice communication, suppression release control, IP based networking, touch screen interface and self-testing notification appliances. With scalable architecture and future-proof design, the 4100ES FACP is ideal for medium to large facilities and multi-building campus style networks.

  • IP Networking Offers Speed and Flexibility: ES Net IP networking technology provides powerful benefits for life safety systems. Faster data rates and a wide range of wiring media choices allow for greater efficiencies in installation, operation and maintenance. As IP continues to evolve, ES Net stays up to date allowing your life safety system to be more resilient and future-proof.

  • ES Touch Screen Display: This optional large color touch screen makes it easier for operators to see what’s happening, vastly reduces scrolling time and is for facilities where aesthetics are essential.

  • Delivers Power, Flexibility, and High Speed Network Connectivity: New technology and service improvements that will make everyone’s job easier from the contractor to the building owner by improving serviceability, reducing costs and saving time.



The Jeron Area of Rescue System was selected for the facility to provide a location for building occupants, who cannot traverse the stairs, to be able to assemble by an exit and await assistance or instructions by first responders. Providing emergency egress communications in high-rise and commercial facilities is becoming standard. During an emergency, the system ensures the safety of building occupants by providing a reliable and clear exchange for all parties. The system contains 1 annunciator panel, 30 different call stations and braille signs throughout the high rise.


In need of fire alarm system pricing for your next project? LVS offers a complete design-build approach when it comes to fire alarm systems. Whether you need parts & smarts design assistance or a complete installation, our team is ready to take-off the job. Get in touch with our Fire Alarm Division for questions on all things fire!


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